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About Us

Chris Reeves has spent most of his life in the vehicle breakdown and recovery industry.


For most of that time he has been involved in buying and selling equipment, either himself or working for other companies.


Over the years Chris has built up a huge network of contacts - buyers and sellers, throughout the UK. This means Chris is often able to sell something quicker than selling it via other means. Likewise Chris is also able to find equipment more quickly too.


Over the last couple of years Chris has been working with Oxyburn Recovery Systems. This partnership has produced some fantastic quality equipment at a price that provides real value for money for UK recovery operators. This partnership continues to grow and Chris has also been working with Oxyburn to refurbish recovery equipment, a great way for recovery operators to get a better return on their original equipment investment.



In 2015 Chris secured the rights to sell BSM Wreckers in the UK. Chris felt this fantastic equipment had a lot to offer UK operators and offered something truly different to what's available currently.


Chris helped to set up the Professional Recovery Drivers Club and co-ordinated and commentated on displays at Truckfests throughout the UK amongst other things.


Chris is a real vehicle enthusiast, one of his hobbies is watching vintage tractors.



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