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BSM MD 1000


An all hydraulic unit with the following main parts;


Main boom

Two lifting cylinders

One hydraulic main winch

Underlift with two extensions and tilt function

Subframe with two rear support legs (wide version)


Underlift capacity 10 ton

Lift height 4.2 - 4.5 metres

Maximum winch pulling capacity 10 ton

Tow rating 25 ton

Suspending towing (dependant on chassis specification and local road regulations) 3 - 6 ton


The recovery unit is operated with directional control valves mounted to near or offside.


Superstructure is sandblasted and painted with primer. Final painting available as an option.


The basic weight including compartments 4 ton (excluding chassis)




bsm falck md recovery vehicle
bsm falck 1000 recovery truck
bsm falck 1000 breakdown vehicle
bsm falck 1000 breakdown truck
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