Blue Before and Yellow After

What do you do if you have a blue recovery vehicle that you want to look as good as new?

You get in touch with us here at and we schedule the vehicle in for a refurbishment.

Thanks to our lovely customer we are able to show the fabulous before and after shots of their vehicle. Wilst the blue is a lovely colour and the cab is in good condition you can see that the slidebed and lockers are showing signs of wear.

Signs of wear and tear are of course to be expected - recovery vehicles are out in the worst conditions, doing the stuff that no one else wants to do.

That's why refurbishing a recovery vehicle makes so much sense. The recovery equipment still has plenty of useable live in it and the cab is in great condition. Refurbishing this vehicle makes it look as good as new at a much lower cost than replacing it would.

Don't take our word for it though - check out the after photographs and see what you think for yourself. Which vehicle would you prefer turning up if you were a customer and which vehicle would you prefer to be representing your business?

Recovery vehicle refurbishment makes financial sense :)

refurbished recovery vehicles

refurbished recovery vehicles

refurbished recovery vehicles