Refurbishment - Start to Finish

Here's a picture of the latest refurbished recovery vehicle to be delivered by

recovery vehicle

We thought it might be interesting to share the story of a refurbishment so you can see exactly what happens.

Once upon a time there was a Century aluminium slidebed that we redundant and unloved

refurbish a recovery vehicle

refurbish a recovery truck

It was remounted onto a used MAN 12 ton crewcab

breakdown vehicle refurbishment

The refit started with anew stronger chassis subframe to give the finished recovery vehicle a better load capacity

breakdown vehicle refurbishment

The tilt frame and 2nd car lift was refitted and we also aded a longer stroke slide ram to give a better loading angle

breakdown truck refurbishment

A new control station was created with a new valve block and Loda radio remot to the winch. We also changed all the hydraulic hoses from American JIC fittings to standard BSP fittings.

After that we fabricated a new beacon flyer, added bed end rollers and refitted the aluminium bed

refurbished recovery vehicle

The we did a full cab , chassis & bed repaint, added a new beacon, new outline & side marker lamps as well as new worklights and rearlights.

recovery vehicle refurbishment

The end result is a recovery vehicle with a load capacity of 4.5 tonne on the bed and 2 tonne on the second car lift with a great loading angle, making a great all round truck.

refurbished breakdown vehicle

The recovery vehicle has been delivered back to the customer who is very happy with the end result.

The once unloved bit of kit is now happy in it's new home and has been transformed from an ugly duckling into a handsome prince.

Awww - we love a happy ending :)