Bodywork Refurbishment

For some of us it's reaching that stage in our lives where the running gear is still in good working order but the bodywork is looking a bit rough round the edges. So it was for a Boniface Recoverer that came in for a refurbishment a while ago.

Here's the full story.

The Purchase.

We located a DAF XF 8x2 with Boniface Recoverer with tilting down boom & E boom under reach to suit the requirements of our customer.

The chassis and equipment were in very good condition but the bodywork was showing it age.

Boniface Recovery Recovery Vehicle

Boniface Recovery Recovery Truck

The Refurbishment.

We took the truck back to the workshop to strip out and remove the doors. We then called in our mobile shotblaster.

This quickly showed us what needed replacing. Whilst the top half of the body was fine the floors and bottom half of sides needed replacing.

New floor panels and side panels were made, then fitted and welded in. The addition of 2 new doors meant the bodywork was ready for the next stage.

Boniface Recovery breakdown truck

Boniface recovery breakdown truck

The Paint Shop.

To give an as new finish we went for a total cab and body repaint. All the panels, joints as well as the body and cab were prepared. The insides and back of lockers were given a repaint in silver, ready for a shiny top coat on the outside. The chassis was painted red, as was the rearend with black protective paint to the underside of lockers. The repainted panels and locker doors were then refitted.

Boniface recoverer tow truck

boniface recoverer refurbished breakdown truck

The Send Off.

So our part of the refurbishment is done. The truck is back with the customer for them to logo, kit out and get out on the road earning some dollars. We hope you agree that it looks as good as new.

boniface recoverer refurbished breakdown truck

boniface recoverer refurbished breakdown vehicle