Kassel Tow Show Return Visit


kassel recovery vehicle

June was that time of year again for a busmans holiday to the IFRS recovery show in Kassel, Germany. Even before entering the exhibition there was something to see - an interesting use of some left of pick up after it had been converted to spec lift.

There were not too many of us Brits there this year, but it was definitely worth the the time to go. A big thanks to Phil and Steve of Richford motors for providing a great taxi service to and from the hotel.

The show which took up 3 halls in the Kassel exhibition centre plus some outside exhibitors. For anyone in the industry it was a bit like being a kid in a toy shop – except it was toy shop full of big boys toys!

All the main exhibitors were there but only 1 UK company was taking part.

kassel heavry recovery vehicle for sale

It was also good to see some seconed hand units on display for sale like this lovely Mercedes.

kassel secondhand recovery vehicle for sale

A great deal of effort has gone into kitting out vehicles & making them more user friendly. Below are a few examples that particularly caught my eye.

kassel recovery equipment for sale

kassel recovery lockers

kassel heavy recovery legs

kassel recovery pickup storage

Looking at these vehicles made me wonder if we are lagging a bit behind here in the UK. Italian company Omas had a large stand. Agents showing their equipment have come on a long way from the early days of selling in the UK through Geoff Edmunds of GEMs.

There was a large number of safety equipment and accessory companies there, all with some innovative and new ideas. None more so than ProLux with their huge stand which had an upstairs refreshment and lounge area. Tony Ogden was on hand with a warm welcome and a much appreciated free all day drinks voucher!

Friday night is buffet night and they really know who to put on a great spread. I met up with Neill Devlin of Barry Devlin. It was his first time at the show and he asked where you paid for your meal. I advised him that it was included in the entrance fee of 10 Euros for the 3 days. That's got to be good value.

The final event was a come as you are evening in the showhall. No dinner jackets were required and there we no speeches either. Every exhibitor had something happening on their stand so there was food and entertainment everywhere. Once again ProLux did a fantastic job and had a live band. This ensured that people were still doing business through into the late evening as well has having a good time.

Not only is the IFRS a great place to get some new ideas and inspiration, the hospitality means there is a warm welcome making it well worth a visit. Thumbs up for a job well done - I'm looking forward to visiting again next year.

Here's a gallery of pictures from my visit - enjoy!