From Sweden to Service

I'd like to tell you a story, the story a a MAN TGA 6x4 heavy recovery unit.

First let's start at the end! Below is the finished produce making it's way from Sweden to the UK just in time for Christmas.

man tga recovery vehicle for sale

This story actually started with finding the initial vehicle. We were given the task of locating and purchasing a truck and found this Boniface Recoverer with boom underreach. It was a great find given that this is probably one of the best all round recovery units.

The unit was on a very tired looking Iveco chassis. If we were being polite we would call the locker system weathered but it was actually rotten.

man tga recovery truck for sale

In the meantime our customer acquired this really clean and low mileage MAN TGA 540bhp 150 GTW chassis with a 9 ton front axle and 2 x 13 ton rear axles. We had the makings of a good heavy recovery unit.

man tga breakdown truck for sale

So it was time to get cracking.

First the equipment was removed from the old chassis and a shotblast and undercoat carried out. The chassis was extended on the MAN to suit the customer requirements.

Then the equipment was remounted on top of an extended subframe.

A new PTO and pump was fitted and everything was tested.

man tga breakdown vehicle for sale

Temporary lights to rear were fitted, the unit was given a full service, new tyres and batteries were added and the unit was ready to take a ferry trip to Sweden.

man tga tow truck for sale

The first job was to paint the cab.

man tga tow vehicle for sale

Then it was into the workshop for hydraulic pipework strip down. The valve bank was removed and sent for overhaul, and steel pipework was removed due to corrosion.

man bsm recovery vehicle for sale

man bsm recovery truck for sale

Next a new stainless steel locker is made with full width wheel arches & internal door hinges.

man bsm breakdown truck for sale

The new locker system is mounted to the chassis.

man bsm breakdown vehicle for sale

After fitting the lockers are removed for painting.

This leaves the chassis and equipment which are taken for a full repaint.

man bsm tow truck for sale

All new hydraulic pipework is then fitted , complete with steel & rubber hoses.

man bsm two vehicle for sale

The new locker system is now fully painted and remounted.

man recovery vehicle for sale

The overhauled valve bank is relocated from the centre of the equipment to the nearside rear locker. This gives operators the option to operate manually on big jobs so you can get a feel for what the truck is doing but it also means should the remotes get damaged or stop working you can still get the job done and the truck home.

man recovery truck for sale

The final countdown and one of the many reasons why BSM were chosen to supply a locker system and refurbish the equipment was the attention to the fine details.

In Sweden it is fair to say their weather is some what harder and corrosion is more commonplace. So after a visit from Christer Forsberg of BSM it was arranged to have a full stainless locker system (or cabinets as they call them in Sweden) with flat wash out floors and easy fitment bracket system.

Flat Wash Out Floors

One of the most common problems I come across with recovery vehicles is rotten floors. This is often because water can't drain away so sits in the bottom of the locker causing corrosion or not being able to clean out lockers because the drilling holes fill with dirt, again leading to water lying in the lockers.

Easy Fit Mounting Brackets

I have yet to find two operators who fit out their lockers the same. With this system there is no more having to go to vehicle suppliers and asking them to reweld things to get the right internal locker layout. There is no need to remount new lockers which can lead to corrosion due to breaking the new paintwork seal.

The system is already fitted and you tailor your lockers to suit yourself.

Ready made bolt in brackets for extra equipment are available in the BSM catalogue

This photo show the final fitting out with beacon flyer in place.

Then it was time for the the final check over.

And finally the truck drove home in time for Christmas. Another job completed by