Barcelona Bound - Ole!

About 3 weeks ago whilst minding my own business on a Sunday evening one of my good customers rang to ask if I would be up for a bit of a jolly day out. Without hesitating, or thinking to ask what was involved, I said yes.

"Great" said my customer, "we just need to fly you out to Barcelona to collect my new truck". Having heard there was a flight involved and that all would be advised the following day I had a good nights slumber.

On Monday confirmation came through of a 9am flight from East Midlands airport on the Tuesday. Later in the day it became clear that due to work pressures I would be travelling out alone and that the truck was needed back urgently so it could be at the Tow Show in Telford. The pressure was on!

Having landed in Barcelona at 12.30 local time I jumped in a taxi and leapt out with cheque in hand at the manufacturers. Shortly after I jumped in the truck armed with my trusty map book and started heading for the Caen ferry. After a pit stop at Le Mans services (see what I did there!) and some shut eye it was back to it and a 6 hour crossing on the ferry. Following landing at Portsmouth it was off North where the truck was delivered Thursday morning.

Whilst it wasn't exactly a jolly, it was jolly good fun and an enjoyable trip. If you have any trucks that need picking up from Europe you know where I am :)